UC stands up for science

From Sara at Orcinus:

I’ve been saying for a long while now that the power to end the Intelligent Design fiasco, firmly and finally and with but a single word, rests in the manicured hands of the chancellors of America’s top universities. The message is short and simple: “Teach what you like, it’s all fine with us. But if you put ID in your science courses, we will not accept those courses as adequate for admission to our campus.”
Making this kind of public statement would be one small step for a university chancellor; and one giant leap for American science education. Somebody, somewhere, needs to set a firm standard. If our universities — which bear responsibility for training our professional scientists, and maintain the labs and faculties responsible for much of our best research — won’t stand up and draw that line, then we really are well and truly lost.
It turns out that we may be in better hands than I’d hoped.

It’s an interesting story – the University of California vs. Calvary Chapel Christian School. No prizes for guessing which side is trying to pass off the products of Bob Jones “University” Press as science textbooks. Perhaps an equally unambiguous statement by UK universities would squelch the incipient ID movement over there, too.