WiFi update

Just over a week ago I reported that I was having problems with my WiFi network here in the apartment. I think I may have solved the problem. I bought myself a Griffin Technology AirBase, and since then I’ve been getting a consistently good signal.
Griffin AirBase
Basically it’s just a heavy base with a power cord and a slot that the Airport Express snaps into. According to Griffin, it “increases effective range and signal efficiency for your network and AirTunes by raising the base station up into the room. It also makes it easier to check the network status light at a glance.” And it seems to work. I guess that hiding the Airport Express unit away, plugged into a power strip behind the set-top box and DVD player, wasn’t such a good idea….
(Even though the Griffin Technology website will sell the AirBase for $24.99, you can do better. I paid $13.83 at Amazon.com, and some places have it even cheaper.)

Too much of a good thing is wonderful….

Chris blogged that he’s going to see the Tallis Scholars tonight, and mentioned that they’re going to be playing here in Seattle tomorrow, Saturday, at the Town Hall. True, but that’s not the whole story. It turns out that they’re appearing at 8pm on both Saturday and Sunday! On Saturday they’re performing “Renaissance Masterpieces”, and on Sunday “Music from the Sistine Chapel”. What on earth shall I do? Go on Saturday? Sunday? Both?!

Heads-up: I'm heading across the pond

I’m heading over to the UK for a week, starting this Wednesday. I’ll be flying from SEA to LHR via ORD, getting in around 6am on Thursday. From Thursday through Saturday I’m going to be staying in Oxford, visiting my mother and brother (and hanging out in the city). Then on Sunday I’ll take a train in to Paddington, tube to King’s Cross, and a GNER train to Edinburgh. Amazingly, this is only my second visit to Scotland. (The first was a day trip in about 1975, when I was a post-grad student at Newcastle-on-Tyne.) On Monday and Tuesday I’ll be at Amazon.com‘s Edinburgh Development Centre for a variety of meetings. (Long-time readers will know that I’ve always been interested in the challenges posed by distributed development.) And I’ll fly home on Wednesday: BMI from EDI to LHR, then United LHR-ORD-SEA.
Now I just have to work out the crazy (and constantly changing) rules for carry-on bags on flights to and from the UK….
(It would be great to pop down to see some of my old mates from SunUK, but I don’t think the schedule will allow it. Plus I’m going carless on this one; I’ll be taking the bus from Heathrow to Oxford. Maybe next time.)