Getting packed

As I mentioned, I’m off to the west coast for a few day’s networking, catching up, and administrivia. It all starts with a 6:10am flight out of Boston: you can imagine what time I’ll have to get up in order to get to the airport! I’ll be spending much of tomorrow at Sun’s Menlo Park campus and Tuesday at the Santa Clara campus. It’s a pure coincidence – honest! – that I’m going to be there the week that Sun announces its earnings and holds its Spring Leadership Conference. (Of course the rumours are flying thick and fast, despite Andrew’s well-placed cynicism.) Contrary to what one smart-aleck suggested, it is NOT the case that the best way to get an appointment with a Sun executive is to get laid off. (At least I don’t think it is!)
I’m meeting with lots of different people, though. Several are still at Sun, but most are Sun alumni. There are some I haven’t seen for many years; it will be good to catch up. It’s going to be a busy week: I have breakfast and dinner appointments every day, with lots of meetings (and driving) in between. Then on Thursday afternoon I fly from SFO to Denver, where I’ll have a full day of discussions on Friday. That evening we’re having a dinner for some of the ex-STK folks that I worked with on the engineering integration process. And on Saturday I’ll fly back to Boston.