Heading across the pond….

I’m at the Heathrow RCC waiting for them to call my flight. I’ll be back in Brookline by midnight, and in the office tomorrow.
It’s been a good trip. Good work-related meetings, a chance to walk the streets of London (a favourite pastime), spending time with my mother and brother, and a delightful couple of hours with an old friend of the family last night . (We sank a couple of pints at the Founders Arms on the South Bank, which lubricated a wide-ranging conversation.)
Apart from a brief snow flurry, I’ve dodged bad weather until today. Right now I’m watching planes taking off on runway 09R, and as each aircraft lifts off it’s squeezing great clouds out of the 100% humidity. Spectacular, especially the 747s and MD11s.
They’ve just called the flight (UA925). Time to go…

Blogging from the bus

I’m blogging this from the top deck of the Oxford Tube, an express bus to London. It’s 7:30, and we should arrive soon after 9. This gives me time to dig in to the book of the moment: “Conversations on Consciousness” by Susan Blackmore.. (She of the multicolored hair!) It consists of lightly-edited conversations that she recorded with 21 philosophers and neuroscience researchers, from Dennett and the Churchlands to Koch, Penrose and Crick. I picked it up at Blackwells on Thursday, and I’m really enjoying it. The conversations are arranged alphabetically, and so far I’m up to Susan Greenfield. (OK, so not all of the pieces are equally enjoyable!!) Recommended.


I’m spending today at Sun’s Guillemont Park facility over here in the UK, meeting with a number of colleagues. Travel was uneventful: the flight from Boston to Dulles was about an hour late, but I still had time to hang out in the RCC. The London flight was about 65% full; I had a window seat with no-one next to me. Smooth flight, had to hold at Ockham but still arrived 5 minutes early. I got to Oxford around noon. After the usual greetings, I had lunch and a short nap; then I decided to take a quick walk up the hill to clear my head and get some fresh air. I started out in sunshine with a blue sky and a few fluffy clouds above; 10 minutes later I was in the middle of an intense snow shower. The weather here is quite cold and definitely volatile….

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