Cleared out

I spent today at Sun, tidying up loose ends. I returned my library book 😉 , packed up my books, and shifted large quantities of paper to the Secure recycling box. (I’d kept a paper copy of ever performance review I’d received or written for the last 10+ years, along with tons of specs, proposals, project plans, etc.) I removed my pictures from the wall (nicely framed reproductions, hung in defiance of corporate standards), and sorted out which bits of stuff were mine and which were Sun’s. (The Apple keyboard was Sun’s, but the Mighty Mouse is mine.)
When I was done, I joined the rest of the SunLabs gang for lunch. Then I toured the building, saying goodbye. None of the conversations were short, and along with hugs (and a few tears) I received tons of useful ideas and advice. One thing really struck me. Although it’s been many years since I last left a job, I can remember how we would all express our intentions to stay in touch, and how 99% of such professions turned out to be worthless. But today, in the era of blogs and email, I think it may be easier. I’ve bookmarked RSS feeds from the blogs of many friends, and whenever I see a posting from them it reminds me that a quick email is only a click away. I hope all my friends at Sun will take the hint; I will certainly continue to watch what goes by on b.s.c and PlanetSun.
And then I rolled the cart with my boxes out to my car, loaded it, and left. (Thanks, Steve.)