New England washout

This has been one of the wettest weeks I’ve known in New England. It’s true that it’s relatively insignificant compared to the hurricanes, mudslides, and earthquakes that have afflicted the world in recent months. However in a region not used to such things, the effect has been dramatic. Here in the metropolitan Boston area we’ve been spared the worst of it, but in western Massachusetts and southern Vermont and New Hampshire the flooding has been dramatic, severe and fatal. See Kimberley’s blog for more (with photo). stormtotal.jpg

The accompanying image makes the point dramatically. (Click for a larger image.) It’s the storm total precipitation from the local National Weather Service office. The data is approximate; it’s estimated from the Doppler radar returns, and tends to understate the local maxima. What’s interesting is the date range: this shows “Precipitation totals since 12:44 AM EDT Fri Oct 7th 2005”. We’re talking about a more or less continuous rain event lasting six-and-a-half days so far… and it’s not supposed to wind down until Saturday afternoon.