In San Francisco

As several of my colleagues have reported, we’ve just concluded the SEC (Sun Engineering Conference) down in Santa Clara. I don’t have a lot to add to what they said, except to note that it’s nice to attend as a participant rather than an organizer. (I ran a number of similar conferences over the last few years: it’s hard work.)
With SEC over, I’ve shifted hotels, from the Holiday Inn Express in Mountain View to the Hilton in San Francisco. Obviously the Hilton is a much nicer hotel – I have a spectacular view from my window, looking out over the bay towards Oakland – but it’s odd that the little $95/night Holiday Inn Express can give me high-speed Internet access for free while the Hilton wants to charge me an arm and a leg…. (And the Hilton’s connection feels a bit sluggish – but perhaps that’s because of the hundreds of Sun geeks who’ve just checked in and are getting a much-needed fix of raw TCP/IP.)
Tonight is the opening session of the CEC. If you read or PlanetSun, you’re going to see lots of blogging from this conference. I shall be here all Saturday and most of Sunday; I’m flying home on the red-eye on Sunday night. Even though I dodged an eight inch snowstorm last night back in Boston, the weatherman is promising more snow and ice for Monday.