2004 – the answers

Many of my colleagues have blogged on the “best of 2004” (I particularly liked Hal’s and Craig’s.) I was thinking of doing the same. Then I thought I’d do it in question and answer format. Then I decided to skip the questions (for now). Enjoy.

  • Because she woke up with a bat in her bed.
  • It was a large one, but we managed to get it all.
  • How d’you feel about being a grandfather?
  • A thousand pounds of rusty cast iron hanging from the ceiling.
  • Spending more time in church than since I was a 12 year old altar boy.
  • Reading all seven volumes of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower?
  • The tension between autonomic behaviour and “choreography” or “orchestration”.
  • Groove Armada, Blackfield, Morrissey. (But why did Al Stewart have to slip?)
  • Philosophy. Poetry. Blogging.
  • Flying to Seattle for my son’s wedding; then hanging out with The Fellowship watching the extended edition of “The Return of the King” while sipping Laphroaig.
  • Yes – but only if there’s a meaningful way of expressing semantics without simply showing us the code. Otherwise, no.

And finally:

  • Nailing Robert Wright over the Dan Dennett interview.

I may not be blogging for the next few days, as I’ve explained in one of these answers. Have a great winter solstice, wherever you are and whatever you celebrate. (Memo to those who want to “reclaim Christmas”: this celebration predates you by thousands of years. Don’t be greedy.)