CD of the week: "The Best of Groove Armada"

groovearmada.jpgA couple of days ago I was checking out late night TV shows in England when I came across a video of a concert with a really exciting and energetic band. I didn’t know who it was, but the singers (a soulful woman and a stunning rapper) had the crowd in their hands, and one of the keyboard players would occasionally step out front to play trombone. I watched, mesmerized. At the end of the program, I saw that the name of the group was Groove Armada. For some reason I’d never heard of them before, even though they’ve been around for at least six years. (The official web site is a little spartan; try the BBC profile instead – at least unless and until the Beeb’s web goes away.)
Anyway I picked up a copy of their “Best of” CD at Heathrow this afternoon, ripped it into iTunes and transferred it to my iPod so I could listen to it on the flight home. Very tasty. Recommended.

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