March 2004

If by some chance you arrived here by way of the URL, relax – you’re not going mad. Clueweaver will be the name of my new website for technical subject matter – mostly radical, aggressively-optimized Java distributed computing. Stay tuned for details.

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Once again I’m in California, this time for a conference of Sun’s software engineering leadership. Despite the constant phone and video conferences, there’s no substitute for getting a bunch of peers together in one place for long enough to meet new people, eavesdrop on interesting conversations, and reinforce long-time relationships. While the trend may be…

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While I was in California over the last weekend, I picked up Robin Cook’s Point of Departure, and read it in a couple of sittings. Rather than providing a detailed review, let me refer you to this review in the Guardian by Malcolm Rifkind, the last Conservative foreign secretary (and therefore a political adversary of…

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