• Now following @cernio_status and @unitedlayer – who knew Twitter was a network management console? #
  • Finally switched from Twitterific to Twitterfon. That’s MUCH nicer. #
  • Looking at http://www.robtex.com/as/as23342.html – are all those “Missing!” entries supposed to be that way? #
  • @IanRobinson I’ll take a look at both in reply to IanRobinson #
  • Hmm. MacBookAir keeps losing WiFi with “No beacon for too long time”; MacMini has no problems. Apple Support Discussions no real help. #
  • Two hours (or more) into the UnitedLayer network outage – @quesera reports some positive signs, but geoffarnold.com is still inaccessible #
  • @stevel the last email I received on my iPhone was at 3:13AM. It’s set to retrieve IMAP from grommit every 15 minutes. in reply to stevel #
  • Unabashed nostalgia – http://tinyurl.com/9tb77h #
  • @ThinGuy If it wasn’t on Twitter, it didn’t happen. http://www.jesusandmo.net/2009/04/03/news/ in reply to ThinGuy #
  • This SJ fiber cut and the UnitedLayer network outage… feels like a scene from Daniel Suarez’s novel “Daemon”. #
  • @stevel As one commenter retorted, “Tell that to Zbigniew Brzezinski.” #
  • @ndw I’m skeptical about remakes – think “The Day The Earth Stood Still” – but the team doing the new “Prisoner” seems respectful… in reply to ndw #
  • @peterjhill see http://tinyurl.com/cvsx6c. Ian McKellen is involved. in reply to peterjhill #
  • Per @ksbw police are treating the fiber cut as suspicious… manhole cover removed at 2am… doesn’t sound like a backhoe. “Daemon”…???? #
  • @russnelson Yup. One of my two RFCs – the other was NetBIOS-over-TCP (ugh!) Those were [the] days. in reply to russnelson #
  • @peterjhill I need something to restore my enthusiasm after the dreck that was “Ashes to Ashes” in reply to peterjhill #
  • With geoffarnold.com knocked out, I finally find a use for Mobile Me (other than syncing calendars, which is the main reason I signed up) #
  • Watching Jared Diamond on the evolution of religions – http://tinyurl.com/bgukp3 – Deuteronomy on “how to conduct genocide” #
  • @stevel Still unclear why a cut in Santa Clara would take out a colo in San Francisco. Whatever happened to redundancy? in reply to stevel #
  • @stevel LOL!!! I’ve always said we need better (richer) definitions of QOS……. in reply to stevel #
  • @UnitedLayer has restored connectivity to grommit (geoffarnold.com) This means a gazillion MTAs can now forward email. Incoming – duck!!!! #
  • Mmm Punched cards: 80 columns. Twitter: 140 columns. This is progress? #

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