Via PZ, Barry Duke at Freethinker reports that:

The poison of shariah law which has begun infecting Britain is of considerable concern to many, not least British comedian Pat Condell, who posted an attack on this creeping Islamic threat on our legal system on YouTube.

Condell, of course, does not mince his words, and his video predictably got up certain noses. So YouTube, to its shame, blocked it.

However as John Gilmore famously said, “The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” So here is the Condell video. Watch it, and pass the word along.

If you’re a Brit (resident or expat), please sign the petition that Pat mentions. And as for YouTube, it’s ironic (not to mention dumb) that their Abuse and Policy Center page doesn’t provide any way of complaining about any abuse of their policies….

2 Responses to “YouTube blocks Pat Condell’s attack on sharia in Britain”
  1. Psychodiva says:

    Duly signed and sent to everyone else to sign

    it is atrocious- and unsuprising what Youtube will do

  2. Yule Heibel says:

    Good for Pat Condell, even if his repeated references to the “idiot Saudis” makes my lilly-white liberal ears bleed. Someone has to say it, enough with the pussy-footing. We’ve had Sharia incursions in Canada, too (in Toronto, and then the provincial government wanted to allow it in Vancouver) — it’s outrageous. We’re supposed to tolerate intolerance in the name of tolerance? Fuck that. Orwell must be spinning in his grave.

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