A couple of weeks ago I asked what Jonathan meant by “Sun is going to encourage all the laid off workers to continue to blog — on Sun’s dime”. What’s emerged is actually more useful than blog hosting: after all, it’s easy to find a free hosting service out there.* Instead, Sun is launching a blog aggregation page for Sun alumni, at community.sun.com. So if you’re an ex-Sun blogger, just head over there, click the Register link, and fill in the form. Once we’ve populated it with some content (other than me!), Sun and ex-Sun folks will be able to use this page to find out what their former colleagues are up to.

* Try http://wordpress.org, http://www.blogger.com/, or http://www.bloggoing.com/

3 Responses to “Sun alumni blog aggregation”
  1. Looks like a cool idea to me, I just signed up my blog.

    On another note – there is a new Divine Comedy CD out – Victory for the Comic Muse, my copy arrived from the UK a few days ago, more great songwriting and thoughtful lyrics.

  2. geoff says:

    My copy of Victory for the Comic Muse arrived today, along with the single Diva Lady and Back To Mine: Everything But The Girl. Amazon.co.uk comes through again….

  3. idolem says:

    looks like JIS just wants to drain your brain and not pay you for it **** BEWARE OF CEOs BEARING GIFTS ****

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